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Neverending Sex

2015-07-27 23.05.31Let’s formulate the task of life extension slightly differently. Something like this…How can we extend sex appeal?

Gyms and beauty salons are in charge of this question now. There is some success, but it’s mostly superficial. Plastic surgery only masks, but doesn’t delay the processes of aging.

Expanding sex appeal is a complex task. Its aspects include both beauty and the activity of the brain. To be sexually attractive we have to be smart and fun. One cannot solve the problem of dementia with makeup. 

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Billionaire co-founder of PayPal, Facebook to hold radical life extension summit

Financier and philanthropist Peter Thiel is keen on thinking about the future and he is gathering together some of his 200 fellow entrepreneurs and techies to encourage these philanthropists to donate more money to scientific pursuits that could lead to big breakthroughs in medicine, artificial intelligence and nanotechnology, among other fields.

“We’re living in a world where people are incredibly biased toward the incremental,” said Thiel, explaining that he wants to challenge his peers to pursue more “radical breakthroughs” in their philanthropy by supporting nonprofit exploration of technological innovations that carry at least the promise of major advances for the human condition.

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Researchers Create ‘Immortal’ Adult Stem Cells

Researchers at the State University of Buffalo, New York have come up with a way to grow adult stem cells continuously, offering a way to speed development of regenerative therapies. The research team, led by prof. Techung Lee, have engineered adult stem cells that scientists can grow continuously in culture.

One of the obstacles in studying adult stem cells has always been that they tend to die after only a few weeks. Techung Lee, said he and his students were growing frustrated by that, so he decided it was time to solve that problem once and for all. “We were annoyed by the inconvenience of harvesting bone marrow,” he said.

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Woman gets new windpipe grown from her own stem cells

In a pioneering operation, a British teenager has received a new windpipe grown from her own stem cells and has now been discharged after the procedure in Italy. This actually saved her life as she was suffering from a rare form of tracheal cancer.

“The patient was able to speak again only a few days after the surgery”, said Dr. Paolo Macchiarini, professor of surgery at the University of Barcelona in Spain and the head surgeon in the case.

Macchiarini and his team regenerated tissue from the patients nose and bone marrow stem cells to create  a trachea biologically identical to her original organ. The girl’s stem cells were grafted on to the cartilage of donor trachea that had been stripped of its own cells. Because the new trachea contained no cells from another person, no anti-rejection drugs were needed.

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