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Longevity Cookbook Indiegogo Campaign Is the Most Effective Step You Can Take towards Your Longevity

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Something amazing has happened! We have launched our Longevity Cookbook Indiegogo Campaign.

Aging steals away your most valuable resource: time. The Longevity Cookbook is a strategy guide to help you get more time to experience the joy from everything that you like in life. Take yourself on a journey starting with nutrients and exercise regimes that goes on to exploring the usage of genetically modified symbiotic organisms and using gene therapy to boost your own longevity.

Contributing to ‪#LongevityCookbook‬ is the best way you can spend your money, because we are fighting for your life. Please, contribute and share the Longevity Cookbook campaign. Let’s defeat aging together!


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New DNA Repair Process Discovery May Lead to Human Life Extension

A key component of aging is the accumulation of errors in cells genetic’ genetic code or DNA. Once enough errors accumulate, the cell makes faulty proteins leading to irreparable cell damage and death, or in some cases cancer.

In a new study published in the Journal of Biological Chemistry researchers discovered that DNA acetylation governs DNA replication and repair. This process adds acetyl groups to DNA segments which then determines what path of DNA doubling that segment will take.

Cells are known to use a high fidelity yet high energy consuming path for DNA that encodes for proteins.  A low cost yet lower fidelity pathway is used for non protein encoding segments of DNA. The acetylation process just identified tells the cell which repair process the section of DNA should undergo.

Once the process of DNA acetylation can be exploited and applied at will it is possible to ensure cells have very low DNA error rates and thus live longer.

“Our research is in the very early stages, but there is great potential here, with the capacity to change the human experience,” said Robert Bambara, Ph.D., chair of the Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics at the University of Rochester Medical Center and leader of the research. “Just the very notion is inspiring.”

Though exciting it could take a while before this research leads to human lifespan extension.

“The translational rate is becoming better and better. Today, the course between initial discovery and drug development is intrinsically faster. I could see having some sort of therapeutic that helps us live longer and healthier lives in 25 years,” said Bambara.

Source (Eureka Alert)


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Attention Bill Gates: Aging is the biggest problem in global health – Divert your grant money to where it will have the greatest impact

5 Years ago Bill Gates decided to seek out proposals from the world’s top scientists. He wanted these scientists to submit their ideas for tackling the biggest problems in global health. About 1,600 proposals came in and he chose 43 that he felt were the most promising. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation ended up dishing out $450 million in five-year grants — more than double what he originally planned to give.

Now the five years are up, and the foundation recently brought all the scientists together to assess the results and decide who will get further funding.

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Poll – How Many People were You Able to Persuade that Scientific Research Aimed at Radical Life Extension is Necessary?

The fight against aging is getting zero support from any global resources and there are no organizational solutions to raise money, but building awareness and funding this important battle is greatly needed. I strongly believe that by spreading the word, we can be successful at attracting a large audience which will help to influence a change in the current situation. The main goal of an immortalist is to advocate the ideas of radical life extension, to build awareness and attract a following. This is the purpose of my blog – to engage in communication with other like-minded individuals and to pursuade people, that radical life extension research is absolutely necessary. Our numbers can grow exponentially. Life extension research needs your help – which brings me to today’s poll:

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