Transhumanism Presentation in Tallinn at the NMR meeting

It was an honor for me to get invited to talk at the Nuclear Magnet Resonance conference in the framework of the Estonian Magnet Week in Tallinn on September, 30. I am very thankful to Ago Samoson who provided me with the opportunity to share our ideas about transhumanism as the ideology that can be used as the basis for uniting researchers and increasing the amount of funding. Researchers all over the world are struggling with the lack of money for experiments. Regardless of the way this money is distributed among the labs within a given field, it is still not enough. And it won’t be  enough unless there’s a social mandate formed in the society and the politicians react to it appropriately. Landing on the Moon was only possible because there was a strong idea behind it and a lot of people were backing up this idea. Transhumanism can offer the powerful ideology of defending life, increasing the human abilities with the help of technologies. It can serve as a point of crystallization. The government interest in scientific research, relies upon the interest of the general public. It’s the goal of the scientists to unite, to abandon their fears and explicitly state their goals – longevity and good health for everyone. This way we have a chance to be alive at the time when the life extension therapies are created and people no longer have to suffer from diseases and die.

A picture from Estonian coast and a video of the first half of my talk shot with the iPhone in a dark room)



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4 responses to “Transhumanism Presentation in Tallinn at the NMR meeting

  1. pingrevolt

    could you upload some pdf with your presentation? I`ve got problem with fullscreen view. Thank you in advance!

  2. daniel

    Hello Maria,

    I asked you a series of questions a few days ago in your contact section. I know you must be extremely busy at the moment, but I just wanted to know if you received that message or if I did not manage to send it properly.


  3. As always, you provide food for thought and continued insight into the life extension development process. This time, a little more than usual.

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