Longevity Party Manifesto

Longevity Party is an international union of people, who believe the main goal of each and everyone is development of scientific and technological progress, significant life extension and supporting unlimited enhancement of capabilities of a personality.

Longevity Party is the party of common sense.

Everyone has their own values in life – family, children, creativity, love, beauty, freedom, money, traveling, sex, power… But all these things can only make sense if the person is alive. The basic condition for existence and implementation of all values is life. Its significant extension by rational, scientifically proven methods is the wisest strategy for every one of us.

Longevity Party strives to fairness and happiness.

There is nothing more unfair than death. People don’t deserve death. Death, senility and diseases make a person unhappy. Fight for fairness and happiness for everyone is a fight against diseases, suffering, pain, aging and fighting for radical extension of human life.

Longevity Party advocates acceleration of human evolution.

Life is a form of organization of matter, focused in the first place on self-preservation. Life is an anti-entropy process. The essence of evolution is in development and a human being is the best example of it. It’s human nature to strive to enhance capabilities, expand and increase the scope of the personality. Humans are endowed with capacity to self-improvement. They can gain new knowledge and skills and use those to improve their organisms and the world around them. Human evolution has long been happening not only on the biological level, but also on scientific and technological and social levels. All people are interested in positive changes to happen as soon as possible.

Longevity Party is the party of progress.

The entire the history of humanity is the history of improved capabilities and increased life expectancy. Everything that makes our life better, longer, more comfortable and more replete is the result of progress. Nonetheless, there are dangers and risks associated with science and technology development. They reflect the forces of regress and entropy. These phenomena must be seen as unsolved problems of progress.

Longevity Party strives to preserve the civilization.

One of the problems of humanity is the global risks – events, as a result of which the civilization may be destroyed. It is necessary to evaluate these risks well in advance and prevent any possible negative scenario from happening. Longevity Party sets the goal of indestructibility of humanity.

Longevity Party proposes the absolute hierarchy of goals.

Given the conditions of limited financial and intellectual resources, it is crucial to identify the most important tasks and focus on solving them. Certainly, the most important task for the civilization is radical human life extension.

The following areas are most promising for developing scientific methods and technologies for radical life extension: regenerative medicine, personalized medicine, neuromodeling, aging diagnostics, gene therapy, creating artificial organs, improving methods of studying molecular biological processes, cryonics, mathematical modeling of biological processes, creating Artificial Intelligence, nanorobots, evolutionary biology of aging, development of futurology.

Longevity Party advocates proactive approach to life.

Given the current time limitations of human life, it is shortsighted to passively wait for technological achievements. It is crucial to do everything possible to extend your own lifespan – use methods of disease diagnostics and preventing, lead a healthy life style, improve your own scientific competence, actively support scientific research, aimed at reaching physical immortality, support cryonics as a means of restoring life-sustaining activities of the dead in the future.

Longevity Party sets the goal of rising to power in the majority of countries of the world in order to implement projects on significant human life extension.


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5 responses to “Longevity Party Manifesto

  1. Glen

    I don’t see any mention of curing age related diseases. You could sum up life extension by that one simple premise and no one can disagree with it.

  2. Extending lifespan and curing age-related diseases are the same thing. You can’t extend one’s lifespan and keep all the illnesses, because the person would die from them.
    Plus, the line “Fight for fairness and happiness for everyone is a fight against diseases, suffering, pain, aging and fighting for radical extension of human life” covers the diseases, I believe.

    • Glen

      That’s too broadly defined though and it includes infectious diseases or diseases that are not age related ones. An objector, therefore, would respond that this is already being attempted and the longevity party is redundant because they assume that all age related diseases are effectively researched.

      I know extending life and curing age related diseases are the same thing but objectors to life extension only consider objecting to the extension of life without realising what it means in simple terms. If you defined it as, “curing age related diseases”, then even the most staunch objector to life extension can’t oppose that.

      Let me give an example. If someone were to object to life extension you could ask they were against an effective treatment for parkinson’s disease. Obviously they would have to say, “no”. You could then logically list all diseases of aging and not one of them that causes mortality an objector could be in favour of. The argument then falls to if this could be accomplished or not.

  3. James Clark

    I love it clear and concise. This gives a basic groundwork of universally agreed upon goals.
    The issue as I see it is working towards a workable political platform. People are preprogrammed to look for others things outside of life extension in a political party.
    This is where designation of other factors comes in do we support homosexual marriage? Open or closed borders? Marijuana legalization?
    The issue isn’t with the platform but, with the target audience. I for example happen to be a Conservative I however, fully recognize that the majority of Conservatives are too preoccupied with supernaturalism to understand the validity of life extension or Transhumanism in General. Therefore, the target audience would most probably be liberals or anarcho-liberals and we’d have to look at what these groups like and offer support for some of those things find out what they don’t like and offer opposition to those things. But, we can’t lose sight of the ultimate and original purpose which is life extension and Transhumanism.

  4. What do you think about students being left on a two hour bus ride for going back and forth from tradeschool or college in the age of autonomous vehicles?


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